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08/01/2017 by 
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5 Good Reasons for Removing Trees from Your Backyard Today

Trees are living creatures and they bring tons of benefits with them.

 Having said that, there may be instances where you might have to remove them from your backyard. Let’s have a look at the top 5 reasons you need to remove trees from your backyard right away:

1.    Presence of Excess Growth at the Tree Base

If you notice the base of the tree getting occupied by a growth of fungi, this may be a symptom which indicates severe rotting. A rotting tree is no good but if you wish, you can try to cure the tree of the decay.

Generally, in most cases, it doesn’t work and you might have to consider cutting down the tree.

2.    Appearance of Dead Branches

Another reason for you to cut down your tree could be the appearance of dead branches. When many branches begin to die, it may be the time to call experts to cut down the tree. The dead branches show that the tree is soon going to fall which may be dangerous if you have children playing around it.

3.    A Leaning Tree

If your tree is leaning too much on one side instead of standing straight, that is an indication that it’s dying. A leaning tree poses the danger of falling anytime. Keeping it for long may become an issue if you have swings on its branches or frequently enjoy sitting down under its shade. It could be life threatening for you and your family if it falls unexpectedly.

4.    A Tree under Power Lines

When you have a tree planted right underneath the power lines and it seems to be growing quite near them, you should consider cutting it down before it reaches the power lines. There is always the danger of the tree catching fire due to a blow of current when it’s raining or if the power lines are damaged due to previous wear and tear.

5.    The Tree Trunk has Become Hollow

When a tree trunk becomes hollow from the inside, there is a fair chance that it might fall off. Consider a few things when determining whether the hollow trunk will give you any trouble. Sometimes, a tree can have a hollow trunk and still survive years without any damage. But if the head of the tree with all its branches is rather heavy and the trunk is hollow then it may be in the danger of falling.

If the upper side of the tree is turning dry and all its leaves have fallen off then it can be assumed that the tree will survive for some more time even with a hollow trunk.

Removing a tree from your property could be a very difficult decision in terms of actually cutting it down. A normal household person simply cannot cut down a tree on their own without appropriate equipment. If any of the above reasons arise that may make you consider cutting down your tree, a professional tree removal service provider would be of immense help.





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