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10/01/2017 by 
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5 Eminent Reasons for You to Remove a Tree Stump

When some large trees are removed, they leave behind very large stumps that affect your property’s aesthetic appeal. The stumps are seemingly harmless but they can affect a multitude of things.

 That is why there is an urgent need to remove stumps if they exist near your house. Let’s have a look at the several reasons and see how they can affect you in your daily lives.

1.    Damage to the Sidewalks and Foundation of the Property

The foremost reason to remove tree stumps is the fact that they harm the sidewalks by getting in their way. They also affect the foundation of the ground. In one area you have a flat surface with smooth grass growing all over and in another you have a tree stump! 

The left out stump has roots underneath that keep on consuming water from the earth even when it doesn’t need it and as a result the soil around it becomes wet and swells. The swelling can damage your grounds and your house. You will soon see cracks in your walls and the floor. You will have to spend a lot more on renovating your house than on removing the stump.

2.    Carrier of Pests and Insects

A rotting tree stump becomes an inviting home to many insects and pests. Termites, bees, ants, wasps, beetles, hornets and many other pests that use wood for their food and living make their way into the stumps now that the tree is gone to take as much nourishment from it as possible.

3.    Danger of Tripping Over it

People who have children and elderly in their house are largely exposed to this danger. A stump can get surrounded by unusual grass growth or at times get covered up with leaves. If you are not careful you could trip over it easily hurting yourself. Especially if you have children, they tend to spend too much time in the garden and consequently have a higher probability of falling over the unwanted stump. You may also create a legal liability if unfortunately a child from your neighborhood comes to play with your children and gets hurt because of it unintentionally.

4.    Prevention of Fully Utilizing the Yard Space

A large tree stump covers up a lot of space in your yard. You can use that space to install swings, hanging rods or even create a sitting space with just chairs and table. But the presence of the stump prevents you from doing all that and you simply cannot avail any of these things until the stump gets out of the way.

5.    Additional Growth on top of the Stump

Due to the existence of roots underneath the stump, there is unexpected growth on the stump called suckers. It neither adds color or graceful looks to your garden nor does it give you any benefit. You have to keep removing it whenever you spot it.

The better solution is to just remove the tree stump responsible for this growth.

Trees give a healthy environment and a pleasant outlook for your property but leftover stumps do not. Consult professional tree removal services to remove the unwanted stumps in your garden. Take control of how your property is represented in front of guests.





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