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02/01/2018 by 
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3 Cost Effective Methods for Removing Tree Stumps

An important step in tree removal is the removing of the stump. Stumps are generally left out because of the roots, pulling out which is an expensive and exhaustive process. However, when a stump becomes diseased or creates issues for your house, you have to remove it eventually.

 You can try a few of the cost effective methods which have been mentioned below.

1.    Tree Stump Removal through Chemicals

This is a cost effective way because all it needs is application of a few chemicals to speed up the rotting of your tree stump. The most common chemical used for this purpose is known as potassium nitrate. It hastens the process of decomposition.

The bacterial growth in the stump increases due to the application of a chemical fertilizer rich in nitrogen. As a result, the stump becomes very soft and quite easy to remove. All you need to do is drill a few holes in the stump, pour the chemical you have inside and allow it do its jobs. It could take a few weeks or months for the chemical to work. Then you can use an axe to cut the stump off your property.

2.    Burn the Tree Sump to the Ground

This is not the most favorable method but it certainly is a cost effective one. It endangers polluting the area around your house. You should consult your neighbors about it and also ensure that there are no bans on lighting a fire in your neighborhood. When you are sure there will be no legal ramifications of your actions, you should proceed.

Drill a few holes in the stump and clean these out of any leftover wood. Then add some potassium nitrate in the holes. Pour hot water over the holes so that the chemical is dissolved and properly distributed all over the stump. Put some scrap wood on top of the stump.

Light fire to the scrap wood and see it get carried to the stump. Once the stump is burned to ash, you can use a shovel to break any remaining branches. You can fill the resulting hole with soil.

3.    Let it Rot

Another expense-free way to get rid of the stump on your property is to let it rot. The downside of this seems to be the fact that a stump takes years to rot. You can expedite the rotting process by drilling holes in the stump and making deep cuts into it using a chain saw.

 The cuts and holes will be able to accumulate water in the stump weakening it from the inside. In this manner, it rots quickly. Once, you feel the stump is getting worse you can cut it down with a pick axe. You will have to do a bit of cleaning afterwards but it will save your money.

Removing a stump on your own may seem easy but it is not so. You will have to break a sweat. It is always a good idea to acquire professional help with such matters. Tree removal services provide stump grinding and removing services for a reasonable compensation. An expert can help you get rid of this problem and keep you safe away from harm’s way.





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